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In Canada, official bilingualism is the law, and translation of legal documents into French is an important part of civic life. But in Toronto, French is hardly the only non-English language that legal professionals need translated. With more than two dozen languages having significant numbers of speakers (more than 40,000) and an additional one hundred languages represented in the metropolitan area, the need for legal translation services grows in the world's most diverse city each and every year. Whether you need deposition translation, court reporting translation, or legal document translation, TorontoTranslation.com is standing by to provide the translation service you need when you need it.

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In a city as diverse as Toronto, it's increasingly likely that a legal proceeding will involve a deposition from someone who does not speak English. When this occurs, deposition translation becomes a necessity to ensure that the deponent and the lawyers involved all understand the proceedings. TorontoTranslations.com has local translators available to work with you during depositions, either providing live interpretation services or providing translation services from recordings or transcripts of depositions.

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Additionally, our local translators can provide court reporting translation, translation or interpretation of proceedings, and translation of exhibits and documents for court proceedings. We provide translation and interpretation services in more than 150 world languages and dialects, ensuring that we can provide a perfect match for your translation needs no matter what language you need translated—from Urdu to Cantonese to Italian and beyond.

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We also provide full translation support for legal documents such as immigration papers, certifications, contracts, and academic qualifications and transcripts. Our translators work with unparalleled accuracy to ensure that each of these documents is translated faithfully from the original language to the target language to ensure that the original and the translated version say exactly the same thing in order to avoid any possible confusion or misinterpretation. We are so committed to accuracy that we have a second expert translator review every translation to guarantee its accuracy before we return your documents to you.

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