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In the Toronto area, more than 100 world languages and dialects are spoken, and more than one million residents speak a language other than English as their native tongue. As a result, interpretation services are essential for businesses and individuals living and working in the GTA. Whether you are in need of interpretation services for interacting with government, filling a prescription, appearing in court, or to attend a public meeting, TorontoTranslations.com is your local source for interpretation services for the Toronto community.

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Our expert interpreters speak more than 150 world languages and dialects, and we have experts standing by around the clock to assist with the most obscure dialects as well as the city's most-spoken languages: Chinese, Italian, Tagalog, Punjabi, Portuguese, Spanish, and Urdu. We also provide sign language support for interpretation services for the hard of hearing. No matter what language you need interpreted, we can help. All of our interpreters are highly trained and have passed the most rigorous quality assurance tests to guarantee that they offer the highest quality interpretations whenever you need interpretation assistance.

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All of our interpreters are native speakers of the languages they interpret. This means that they have a deep understanding of the language and can quickly and effectively provide real-time translations of speech as it is spoken. As a local company, we are also conversant with the local culture and idioms in use right here in T.O. and understand the subtle differences in language that make Toronto unique. As a result, we can provide the highest quality, most-accurate interpretation services across all of the Toronto-area languages we support.

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We work day and night to guarantee that we are always available to provide accurate interpretation services whenever you need them. We live and work in Toronto just like you, and we understand the special interpretation needs of Torontonians. With the power of TorontoTranslations.com by your side, you will be able to communicate effectively with audiences in any language and guarantee everyone understands everything being said.

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